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Streamline OVA-8 Carbon Poles 30


    Better Grip !
    The OVA-8 design has two flat sides.
    These sit more comfortably in an operator’s hand and allow the tips of their fingers to sit on the flat edge.
    No Spin!
    OVA-8 Shape Eliminating the rotational spin.
    New Design Goose Neck!
    Quick latteral lever to change angle of brush head.
  • 100% Carbon.
  • Number of Sections: 6.
  • Minimum Length: 1,865mm.
  • Maximum Pole Length: 9,150mm / 30ft.
  • Achievable Height: 33ft.
  • Weight (Pole Only): 1.70kg.
  • Pole Tubing Length: 12mtr.
    Complete Pole + Brush + Hose + 6mm male connector.
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